Why is Call Center Outsourcing Demand Surging?

The Call Center Outsourcing Demand during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, brands, organizations, and government agencies in Karachi quickly realized they were ill-equipped to manage the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on their call centers. Frustrated customers faced average hold times that were inflated from minutes to hours in some sectors.


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Today, many companies and call centers in Karachi like SNJ Global Services, continue to grapple with performance issues, staffing shortages, and adapting to a shifting business landscape. Brands face intense competition for market share and positive customer reviews, balancing between core competencies and managing internal call centers.


Considering these challenges, there is a significant increase in demand for outsourced call center vendors in Karachi, particularly in key areas such as DHA Phase 2 Karachi and Tariq Road Karachi.

Reasons for this surge include:

Staffing challenges and intense labor market competition

Rising costs related to maintaining internal call centers

De-risking, business continuity, and diversification strategies

Focus on product/service core competencies

Speed to market and ease of migrating to vendor services

Vendor flexibility, scalability, and domain expertise

Favorable outsourcing contract terms

Accessibility to expansive recruiting capabilities

Geo-diversity and access to broader labor markets



Since late 2020, outsourcing demand has surged unprecedentedly. This growth stems from improvements in business agility, efficiency, and a heightened emphasis on core competencies.


In Karachi, both large and small enterprises are increasingly outsourcing their call center needs to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This trend includes replacing underperforming vendors, adding new ones for growth, or migrating from internal to outsourced services, reshaping business strategies across the city.


For effective navigation of these trends and to find the right outsourcing partner, including Call Centers in DHA Phase 2 Karachi and Call Centers at Tariq Road Karachi, contact the experts at SNJ Global Services today.

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