Call Center Campaigns from Karachi, SNJ

A Booming Industry Exploring the Rise and Success of Call Center Campaigns


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The call center industry in Karachi, Pakistan is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by advanced technology and skilled labor. Call center campaigns from Karachi Pakistan are exponentially increasing, offering cost-effective solutions and generating significant revenue opportunities.


History of Call Center Campaigns

Call centers have long been a staple in the outbound sales activities of countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe. These activities, which include upselling and cold calling, offer numerous benefits by engaging customers and creating new revenue streams. Due to the high costs of outbound calls and local salaries, many companies are now outsourcing their call center campaigns to countries like Pakistan, where labor is more affordable, and resources are abundant.


Call Center Campaigns from Karachi Pakistan


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Types of Call Center Campaigns Run from Karachi Pakistan

Call center campaigns vary based on the target country. Key factors include pricing and sales incentives, which play crucial roles in the success of these campaigns. Here is a detailed table of the main call center campaigns being run from Pakistan:


Campaign USA Rate ($) UK Rate Canada Rate Australia Rate
Telecom Service Offering 50 60 65 40
Energy Service Offering 40 50 45 60
Home Improvement 20 15 20 35
Security System Installation 100 65 70 45
Vacation Packages 110 120 115 150
Medical Insurance 50 30 40 30
Time Share 20
Loan Approval 30 15 25 40
Life Insurance 35 30 35 30
Health Care products 30 40 45 25
Market Survey 10 15 10 15
Data Entry / Form 0.75 1 0.85 0.9
Call Center Support / HR 15 20 15 20


Additionally, there is a growing trend of call center services for real estate, targeting the foreign Pakistani community to sell real estate in Pakistan.


Success Factors of These Campaigns

The success of call center campaigns depends on several factors, including:

  • Sales Training of the Staff: Well-trained agents are crucial for effective sales and customer engagement.
  • Quality Processes: Implementing and adhering to quality processes ensures consistency and high performance.
  • Call Center Environment: A supportive and productive work environment enhances agent performance and satisfaction.
  • Company Support: Strong support from the company helps in achieving and exceeding sales targets.


UK Campaigns for Call Centers

UK campaigns are booming in Pakistani call centers, especially Call centers in Karachi and Lahore. These campaigns include inbound and outbound services for sectors such as real estate, legal services, and electrician services. Setting up UK campaigns requires proper registration of the call center in Pakistan, a process that takes time but offers substantial returns.



Call center campaigns from Karachi Pakistan are set to continue their upward trajectory, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for international businesses. By choosing SNJ Global Services – the best call center in Karachi, businesses can leverage a premier call center in Karachi, known for its high-quality service and state-of-the-art technology.

For more information or to discuss potential campaigns, please visit SNJ Global Services.

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